Carzex Universal 3 LED Wireless Door Open Warning Safety Lights (Set of 4)

-UNIVERSAL DESIGN: These Car Door Open Warning Lights are Fit for any Car, SUV or even Truck. Wireless Design provides ease to be installed anywhere on the door and do not destroy the original car wiring, only need to stick them at the door. No Extra Battery Wirings Required. 3V Cr2 Batteries Freely Provided With Products.
-WIRELESS & POWER: These are Wireless car door warning lights which don’t need any wires and are easy to install by sticking on the door with the double tape provided. Screw Cap privided for easy replacement of battery.
-3 MODES FLASHING: 0-7 Seconds: All Led Rapid Flashing. 7-60 Seconds: Each Led Sequential Flashing. 60-110 seconds: Each Led Slow Swirl Flashing. Automatic power off after 110 second.
-WATERPROOF DESIGN: These Led lights Soaked in water for 30 minutes, can still work. High-tech component sensing: through the IR chip program control, increase the sensitivity, to maintain the stability of the product.
-LONG BATTERY LIFE: The product uses CR2032 button battery (The Battery is Included), through testing, at normal operating condition, you can use 1-1.5 years. Screw cap design provided so you can replace the battery easily.


CARZEX Brings you:
Universal 3 LED Wireless Door Open Warning Safety Lights (Set of 4) to keep your car and third party safe from accidental clash. These lights are turned on automatically when the door is open which alarms the vehicle or person behind you saving you from hefty repairing charges.

These warning lights are fitted to Each Door Wirelessly which turns turns on when you open your car door. These provide additional warning of a hazard when stationary to passerby, motorcyclist or other drivers.

Item Type: Red Strobe Flashing Light
Color: Red
Weight: 100g
LED Size: Diameter 1.13 x Thick 0.35
Magnet Size: Diameter 0.80 x Thick 0.16
Wattage: 1w
Lumens: 300
Quantity: 4Pcs

Working Principle: When Door Opens, the red light flashes automatically, there are 3 models during 110 seconds. Within 110s, the light will continue warning the rear vehicles and pedestrians. *0-7 Seconds: All Led Rapid Flashing *7-60 Seconds: Each Led Sequential Flashing *60-110 seconds: Each Led Slow Swirl Flashing *Automatic power off after 110 second.
Installation Tips: Install it in the position does not affect closing the door
Package Included: 4 x LED Car Door Warning Light 4 x Magnets 4 x Batteries (CR2032) 4 x 3M sticker

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