Carzex 40 LED 7 INCH Waterproof Bar Focus Light Night Highway Driving Bar Light For Car, Scooty & Bikes (30W/40LED/7INCH) (Set of 2)

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  • 1 Color Bar Light. White Light Suitable for Both Summers & Winters.
  • Provides 300% Brighter Clear Road Visibility making it a Must Have Item for Night Time and Highway Travelers. Spot + Flood Beam Pattern Gives you Complete Visibility of the Road.
  • Made from Die Cast Aluminium Alloy, Making it IP-65 Waterproof. 30 Watt Bar Light Does not Harm Your Car/Truck/Bus Battery and provides you full comfort while driving.
  • Universal Installation Application: Can be installed on Any Car, Truck, Champion, Bus, Scooty or Bike. This is Installed on the Front Bumper of Any Vehicle and Leg Supports of Any Bike.

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CARZEX Brings you Car FOCUS + FLOOD SPOT Beam Bar Fog Light for Super Bright White Light on Highways.

A Perfect Item for Night Time Travellers, We bring you a Waterproof Bar Light with High Quality LED installed. Our Bar Light is Suitable during Night.

1. Provides 300 Times Better & Brighter Road Visibility
2. Easy Mounting System Makes this Bar Light Fitting Easy.
3. A Must have Item for Long Distance Night Travelers on Highways.
4. Saves your vehicle from pothole damages which occurs due to less light on the road.
5. Provides equal throw on the road by keeping a balance between spot and
flood beam and has a wide spread for full visibility.
6. Wide angle light beam covers entire road
7. Can be also used for off-Roading and Rally purposes
8. Fulfills the need of extra light requirement which vehicles company headlights fail to provide.

This is an Universal Bar Light, which is fitted on Front Car Bumper and Bikes. This can by installed on any Car, Champion, Tata Ace, Eeco, Truck, Bus, Sooty or Bike. Provides 300% Higher Visibility at Night Than usual White or Yellow Headlight Bulbs.

Package Contents: 2 x 7″ LED Car Bar Light

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 7 cm


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